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AoteA is a group of companies and partnerships which takes ideas, services and products from countries around the World and introduces them globally.
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Suitable for Permanent Installations.
Suitable for Small Villages
Clean, safe water for up to 10 years, anywhere
NO FUEL, NO Electricity, NO Solar For streams, Dams & Weirs Pump FREE 24x7 for up to 30 years! Fuel or power too expensive? No diesel? No petrol? No electricity? No Problem!! REMOVE the expense of moving water!
NO FUEL, NO Electricity, No Solar For Low-Lying Rivers & Canals
For Bores, Lakes & Low Lying Rivers
The effective management of land applications represents an aspect of municipal service delivery that has direct impact on local investment and employment opportunities.
Developed explicitly to assist southern African local government organisations with the effective management of municipal cemeteries.