The SmartMun Cemetery Manager has been developed explicitly to assist Southern African local government organisations with the effective management of municipal cemeteries. Some of the benefits of introducing the software are as follows:

  • Electronic record keeping burial and cremation records
  • Electronic archive of historical burial records
  • Transaction types: standard burials, subsequent burials, private rights, pauper burials, indigent burials, cremations, exhumations
  • Spatial mapping for graves via Google Earth or municipal GIS
  • Management of remaining burial space, cemetery life span
  • Intelligent grave re-use proposals e.g. grave recycling
  • Financial checks & balances for, among others, early detection of possible illegal burial activities
  • E-government web portal for integration into municipal websites to allow members of the public to search for individual burial records 24/7

Paper-based historical burial records are by law considered to be irrecoverable historical records and municipalities are thus under obligation to keep the records safe. Paper-based burial records physically deteriorate over time due to age and wear and tear and often get lost or even stolen which in turn is detrimental to municipal service delivery. Due to the often large amount of data and the unwieldy format of historical burial records, it is practically impossible to compile up-to-date and credible reports and statistics, thus depriving the municipal executive of vital information required to make well informed decisions.

The conversion of paper-based historical burial records into electronic format, while being an exceptionally time consuming and arduous task with a lot of room for human errors, is therefore of great importance for local government institutions. We offer the conversion of your paper-based historical burial records into electronic format as a value-added, outsourcing service to our customers.

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