He is a dedicated professional with a diverse background and a strong commitment to problem-solving in Africa, where Aotea Global operates across eight countries.

Based in Leeds, UK, he serves as the Group Head of Research & Development for Aotea Global Holdings (UK) Ltd., holds the position of Director at Aotea Zimbabwe, and acts as a special adviser to the Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust. His work involves collaborating with governments and experts across various fields to create holistic solutions for a better future. With a practical engineering mindset and exceptional skills, he excels at finding innovative solutions to pressing problems.

His career journey began in horticulture, where he honed his skills in propagating and cultivating high-quality food crops from seed to harvest. Transitioning to cabinet making, he achieved notable success by winning a UK Design Council national award for craftsmanship at just nineteen years old, making him the youngest recipient at the time. His innovative spirit led him to create a compressed air-powered drilling production line for early Ikea-style furniture components from wood and other basic materials, showcasing precision and ingenuity by maintaining accuracy even after drilling over 5.5 million holes accurate to 0.25mm without the need for any adjustment.

At 21 years old, he entered into a partnership to manufacture professional quality stage loudspeaker systems which were utilized across Europe, including by renowned bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Police, and The Moody Blues.

Subsequently, he delved into screen printing, starting from scratch with only a Swiss Army knife and eventually becoming the largest supplier of printed publicity to UK University Student Unions within three years. During his career in print, he demonstrated exceptional management skills by overseeing multiple print brokering businesses known for their rapid delivery services.

In 1996, before YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia existed, he built LeedsNet, the first public information service for the City of Leeds UK and was described as ‘A person of great vision and someone who should be listened to.’ by the then Minister of State for Trade and Industry of the UK Government.

More recently, with over twenty-eight years of experience in web and information services management, he has developed highly efficient web-based tendering systems for various sectors, including hospitals in Chicago, UK PPE equipment suppliers during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and most recently for African farmers, suppliers, and traders across the agricultural and food industries.

Since 2017, his focus has been on climate adaptation, crop-based CO2 capture, agricultural regeneration, deforestation reversal, water harvesting and delivery systems, and transforming large-scale challenges into impactful solutions. With his own workshop and a passion for design and practical problem-solving, he continues to innovate and create tangible solutions for real-world issues.

Tony’s is proud of his home city of Leeds and the County of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom