NO FUEL, NO Electricity, NO Solar - For streams, Dams & Weirs

In response to United Nations' call for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Aotea Global is bringing you an affordable No Power Pump in efforts to building sustainable cities and communities around the globe [SDG Goal 11].

Pump FREE 24x7 for up to 30 years!

  • Fuel or power too expensive?
  • No diesel?
  • No petrol?
  • No electricity?
  • No Problem!!

REMOVE the expense of moving water!

Aotea has the answer

Introducing the Aotea Ram Pump

  • A pump that is cheap to purchase and free to run
  • Lasts around 30 years in working environment if properly installed and maintained.
  • Can deliver 25,000 litres of water per day.
  • Can deliver up to 120 metres in height from its install point.
  • ECO Friendly, add to your farm or government’s
  • GREEN credentials with no emissions!

Uses NO diesel, no petrol, no electricity, does not need expensive solar equipment.

Watch our Zero Energy Ram Pump working at Mazowe Prison Farm, Zimbabwe

Aotea Ram Pump Installation

Humanitarian video - Delivering free water in the developing world

This pump uses only the power of the water supplied to it from the Supply Head, nothing more.