Purify water drawn from lakes, rivers, ditches, ponds etc.

Suitable for Small Villages.

AoteA brings water delivery solutions for any situation!

The Survivor Pro system has been designed around the needs and requests of search and rescue personnel, survivalists, emergency first-responders and customers concerned with the safety and reliability of international and domestic water supplies.

Sanitise water from any non-saline standing or flowing water source.

Supplies up to 680 litres per hour of clean drinking water depending upon water quality.

Can be powered by a vehicle’s cigar lighter socket, battery or solar.

FDA-Approved Inlet & Outlet Hoses With Quick-Connect Fittings

1 Micron, NSF-Certified, Sediment Prefiltration

0.5 Micron, NSF & Water Quality Association Approved & Certified, Activated Carbon Block Filtration

Exceeds World Health Organization Requirements

Lab Certified Effective

  • 11 Litre per minute flow rate
  • 12v DC With Quick-Connect & 'Alligator' Clips & Cigarette Lighter Socket - Draws Only 6 amp
  • 4 stage water purification system
  • FDA-approved inlet & outlet hoses with quick-connect fittings
  • Rinsible screen prefiltration to reduce sediment uptake
  • Germicidal UV Disinfection
  • 1 Micron, NSF-certified, sediment prefiltration

With a portable solar power system providing the power to run the water filter via sunlight for just 2 hours daily you would be able to filter approx 1300 Litres of water which would be sufficient to sustain a population of over 276 people at the recommended usage of 5 Litres per person. Need more water then run the pump for more hours every day.

Solar power and pump unit included.