Agua Munda water filtration systems are ideal for urban and rural settings: Communities, villages, schools, medical center, daycare centers and orphanages.

  • Agua Munda water filtration systems require no power and can be operated by non-technical persons.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Agua Munda water filtration systems are easy to set up in approximately 1 hour.
  • Ideal for supplying drinking water in most remote locations from surface, ground or municipal water supplies.
  • Can supply water to a single house or a whole village.

With proper maintenance, Agua Munda filters last ten years, all the while removing pathogens and many viruses from feed water including bacteria, protozoa, cysts and parasites to a level classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as suitable for drinking water.

Filtrate Quality

Agua Munda filters are designed to filter water not exceeding 50 NTUs. Turbidity exceeding 50 NTUs can damage the filters. Under these circumstances the addition of a pre-filtration system is necessary

Producing High-Volumes Of Water

Agua Munda filtration systems produce high volumes of potable water. Accessibility to ample amounts of water is a key element for promoting clean, safe water use.

Each of the Condor models and the Eagle filtration systems are equipped with a rotary pump at the side of the filter. The pump produces 15 litres a minute, 900 litres of purified water per hour or 7,200 litres in eight hours.

Water can also be drawn from the hose bib at the bottom of the Condor filters. This method uses gravity. The flow of water from the faucet is determined by the amount of water in the container. When the container is full the hose bib produces 3 litres per minute and 180 litres per hour.

Maintenance To Disinfect The Drinking Water

Several methods are good for cleaning. Plain white vinegar or a teaspoon of chlorine bleach diluted in 5 litres of water are good cleaners. Make sure the container is dry before using.

Pre-Filtration Treatment

When the NTU is 50 or less the 25-micron pre-filter on the Condor and Eagle filters is good protection for preventing solids from fouling the hollow fibre filter. When turbidity exceeds 50 NTUs additional pre-filtration is needed.

Typical Application

Filtration of potable non-saline surface water, municipal water, or groundwater for communities, orphanages, schools, health centers, etc.

NB: Not suitable for use with seawater & brackish water or other water sources containing contaminants such as heavy metals.

Agua Munda Filter Model Nominal litres Produced Per Day Using Low Turbidity Feed Water

Typical filtrate production capacity treating clear surface water:

  • Puma Nominal 36 litres per minute/2,160 litres per hour/51,840 litres every 24 hours.
  • Condor (121-litre container) Nominal 15 litres per minute/920 litres per hour/19,872 litres every 24 hours.
  • Condorcito (76-litre container) Nominal 15 litres per minute/920 litres per hour/19,872 litres every 24 hours.
  • Eagle Filter (53-litre container) Nominal 15 litres per minute/920 litres per hour/ 19,872 litres every 24 hours.
  • Max Rec Feed Turbidity - 50 NTU

Agua Munda Condor Filter - How To Use and Maintain

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